Our innovative way of doing business is helping us to expand into many locations in the lower half of lower Michigan southward of the line drawn across the state from Muskegon to Port Huron and south to the border of Ohio and Indiana. Our team work guarantees that you are getting the most support possible in whatever you want to achieve.

Our agents are highly trained to be very successful as the result of giving our clients 5 star service that they expect from doing business with a 5 star company. Each and every agent goes through intensive training on a regular basis to keep them updated in the market place.

We look forward to serving and appreciating our customers and clients with 5 star services that they deserve.

Darrell Lee Kennedy 


Executive Team

We bring excellence to the buying experience.

We have an in-depth understanding of any market, with over 49 years of experience. We go beyond traditional real estate agency scopes and evaluate the value of your home, business or investment properties whether you are buying or selling. 

When you're looking to choose a place to live, do business or invest make sure it's the best all around investment for you and we will help you all the way with  the process in doing that.

Real Estate Broker in Okemos